Collaborative Peer Feedback

The Goal of a Collaborative Peer Feedback (CPF) session is to provide authors with real-time peer feedback. This free videoconference is hosted approximately three times a year (see schedule). Participants will both provide feedback on two activities and meet virtually in 3-member teams and receive real-time feedback from two POGIL peers.

Session Information

In the true spirit of The POGIL Project, the PAC offers a collaborative, small-team, faciliatated feedback process for activities. Small groups of prospective authors meet online with a facilitator to share feedback, discuss recommendations, and develop insights. The curator will receive the completed feedback rubrics and will work with authors towards the goal of posting the activity in the next issue.

  • Prior to the session, each participant will submit an activity they have authored and complete the POGIL rubrics in review activities submit by two other workshop participants.
  • During the session, participants will meet in teams of three. Each team member will both share their rubric feedback with the author and recieve formative feedback on their submitted activity from their team members.