Reviewer Guidelines

Feedback is an integral part of the PAC. Similar to most academic journals, activities submitted to the PAC can undergo a peer-feedback process. A substantial difference is that peer review in academic publishing is typically what an educator might call summative assessment, that is, the process emphasizes whether an article should be either accepted or rejected. At the PAC, the focus lies on formative assessment. The object is to provide support to authors to iteratively improve their activities and better support student learning.

The following three types of feedback are supported and encouraged:

  Registered users of the PAC may be contacted by a curator to provide feedback on an activity in their area of expertise though a traditional review process. 
Any PAC author can register for a Collaborative Peer Feedback session to receive real-time peer feedback on an activity.
PAC users are encouraged to provide informal feedback to authors on posted activites using the attached rubrics.