Introduction to Human Neuroanatomy


  • Claudia Jorgensen Utah Valley University


Undergraduate students learn the location and function of select brain areas. The course is a lower division biopsychology lecture course (taught in a classroom) designed to prepare students for upper division biopsychology courses including Psychopharmacology, Senation & Perception, and Behavioral Neuroscience. Each week of the semester serves to cover one POGIL activity containing activity A and activity B. Activity A (used during Monday and Wednesday of the week) serves to present the content using the learning cycle, whereas Activity B (used during Friday of the week) serves to apply the information/knowledge obtained in Activity A.

Level: Undergraduate
Setting: Classroom
Activity Type:  Activity A = Learning Cycle, Activity B = Application
Discipline: Neuroscience
Course: Introduction to Brain and Behavior
Keywords: brain structure, location, and function




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