Epigenetic Control


  • Jordan Owyoung


The Epigenetic Control POGIL activity is designed for use in the classroom of introductory biology courses at the university or college level.  Epigenetics is a growing field in biology and important to understanding how different cells play different roles in the human body. This is an introduction to epigenetics where students will explore specifically how DNA transcription is controlled. By then end of the activity, students will be able to draw and explain how DNA is packaged in the nucleus, how DNA packaging affects transcription, and how epigenetic factors are the drivers behind the DNA packaging. Understanding epigenetics is important as it has been found to play a critical role in many human diseases including cancer and aging, which is critical knowledge for any student interested in careers in biological research or medicine.

Level:  Undergraduate

Setting:  Classroom

Activity:   Learning Cycle

Discipline:  Biology

Course:  Introduction to Biology

Keywords:  epigenetics, DNA, transcription




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