Radical addition of HBr to alkenes


  • Anne Glenn Guilford College


This activity introduces students to the addition of HBr to alkenes via a radical chain reaction.  Students have already learned about  the electrophilic of HBr to alkenes and the radical halogenation of alkanes when they encounter this activity. Upon completion of this activity, students should be able to write the stepwise mechansim for the radical addition of HBr to an alkene, describe how the radical mechanism leands to "anti-Markovnikov" regiochemistry of addition of HBr and predict the produts of the addiion of HBr to alkenes based on reaction conditions.

Level: Undergraduate

Setting: Classroom

Activity Type: Learning Cycle

Discipline: Chemistry

Course: Organic chemistry

Keywords: alkenes, radical reactions, radical chain reactions, HBr addition, anti-Markovnikov




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