Tests on Qualitative Data with More than Two Categories


  • Chris Oehrlein


This activity is an introduction to statistical inference using the Chi Square distribution. The activity does not include any calculations of expected values, critical values, or P-values.

Textbooks too often introduce statistical testing concepts at the same time as the computational procedures. Students then see the computations as the objective. This activity leads students to selecting appropriate tests for given studies and then writing appropriate hypotheses for the studies and chosen statistical tests. Computational procedures and full case studies would be done in a follow-up application activity.

Students are expected to have seen and shown competence in statistical inference procedures for at least a single proportion (binomial variable) using either the binomial distribution or the normal distribution approximation (or both) to calculate P-values and confidence intervals. Students should also be comfortable with the language of probability on two-way tables.

Level:         HS, Undergraduate

Setting:      Classroom

Activity:      Learning Cycle

Discipline:  Statistics

Course:      AP Stats (HS), Introduction to Statistics (College)

Keywords:  Chi Square, Goodness of Fit Test, Test of Independence, Test of Homogeneity




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