Event-driven Programming

Game Development


  • James Vanderhyde Saint Xavier University


Games and apps of all kinds are typically controlled by a user, who interacts with a computer. The user’s actions are interpreted by the software as “events.” This POGIL activity will guide students in learning about how to program with events in JavaFX. The activity is intended to be early in a game development or GUI app development course, but it could also be used in any Java programming course when the students are ready to move on to GUI app development. Learning objectives include tracing the flow of control in an event-driven computer program, using anonymous inner classes, and writing JavaFX code to handle mouse movement events.

This activity was developed with NSF support through IUSE-1626765. You may request access to this activity via the following link: IntroCS-POGIL Activity Writing Program

  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Setting: Classroom
  • Activity Type: Learning Cycle
  • Discipline: Computer Science
  • Course: Game Development
  • Keywords: Events, GUI, JavaFX




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