MIPS Machine Language - Part 1

Computer Architecture


  • Pam Smallwood Regis University


The activity was designed for use in a Computer Organization & Architecture course that uses MIPS assembly language.  In this activity, students will learn about the different MIPS machine language instruction formats, and will discover how to convert MIPS assembly language R-type instructions and I-type immediate instructions to MIPS machine language.  After completing this activity, students can identify the fields of the three MIPS machine language formats, convert MIPS R-type instructions from assembly language to machine language, and convert MIPS I-type immediate math/logic instructions from assembly language to machine language.

This activity was developed with NSF support through IUSE-1626765. You may request access to this activity via the following link: IntroCS-POGIL Activity Writing Program

  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Setting: Classroom
  • Activity Type: Learning Cycle
  • Discipline: Computer Science
  • Course: Computer Architecture
  • Keywords: Architecture, Computer Architecture, MIPS machine language, MIPS R-type instructions, MIPS I-type immediate instructions

Author Biography

Pam Smallwood, Regis University

Asst Professor
Computer Science dept
Regis University




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